2024 Black-Facts Almanac Out Now!
Only £14.99

The Secret To Improving
Black Students' Grades

How Learning Black History leads directly
to improved academic attainment

2024 Black-Facts Almanac Out Now!
Only £14.99

The Best Educational Resource In The World For Learning Black History Is Produced In S.E. London (Not the USA!)

Artistic Splendour​

Not just a pretty picture.  Each design has been expertly created to be an artistic centrepiece for any room.  Additionally, each month showcases a unique aspect of Black culture, heritage and tradition.

366 Black History Facts

Birthdays, festivals, Civil Rights activism and significant events from the UK, Caribbean, Africa, North & South America and Australasia for every single day of the year!  Every month is a mini-History course on the African Diaspora.

Almanac hangs open at A2 size (approx. 60cm x 42cm)

Black-British Heroes

Ask a child to name some figures in Black History and they usually start reciting Americans: Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks etc.  as if the Black people in Britain never contributed anything to society!

Independence Days

Each month highlights the Independence Day of every country in Africa and every island in the Caribbean.

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Before you spend any money on tutors to help your child in a particular subject, you should have tried two things: 
(1) ask the school to provide after-school support in the subject where your child is struggling (the school should be doing that anyway.
(2) Get an educational resource that will help your child in ALL of their subject areas – not just their weakest one. 
If you do not understand the link between academic achievement and a child’s cultural-esteem, watch the video on this page – the simple logic of it will blow your mind!

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Customers reviews

When I look at how little Nigerian History, African History, Caribbean History or even Black History from this country is taught in schools, I am so thankful for this calendar. It means that I don't have to find something each week to reinforce what I tell my children. They come to me to test me! Mummy, did you know such and such? Happy days!
Ola Adediran
When I put this calendar up in my classroom, the best part is not watching the kids swarm around it taking an interest in Black History, it's when they jump on a computer and do independent research to find out about somebody they've never heard of!
Mr T. Ladejobi
Assistant Headteacher
The pictures are always so beautiful. We buy them in bulk and place them in the classroom of every form-group. All year round our upper-school students go to the lower school and do presentations just using the calendar as a resource, not just during Black History Month.
Mrs J. Tomlinson
Deputy Headteacher

2024 Black-Facts Almanac Out Now!
Only £14.99