This is what we will do:

Provide form tutors, Year Heads and Pastoral Managers with a wealth of resources, individuals and organisations that can support their tutor time

Provide subject teachers of Music, History, English, Science, Drama, Sociology, Mathematics, Art and Religious Education with a wealth of resources that they can use in their classrooms immediately.

Provide SLT with strategies to raise the attainment of African & Caribbean children by engaging the school staff, the parents and the children

Connect every attendee with support networks that can help with a concerted effort to make a positive difference in the short, medium and long-term (join mailing lists).

Supply each attendee with a Powerpoint file to help each person to present a summary of our conclusions to their own senior teams, pastoral teams or faculties.

Give teachers a forum to support each other and be informed of new developments to support their growth, employability and CPD.

(Connect with London Black Teachers) Show attendees the work being done to support the G&T students e.g. the STEM work of Imperial Hub