A Schedule 4 Success


The Schedule 4 Success allows you to plan all your daily activities, work and chores so that the parent does not have to stress themselves checking that it has been done.  Simples!



Teach your children time management skills from an early age with the Schedule 4 Success.

  • “Have you hung up your uniform?”
  • “Have you done your homework?”
  • “Have you washed the dishes?”
  • “Have you tidied your room?”
  • “Have you done your reading?”
  • “Have you left your planner out for me to sign?”

Some parents actually plan to ask these questions every day from their child’s first day at school until they graduate at sixteen.  That’s 11 YEARS!  Worse still, some parents plan to get angry about one of these things not getting done every day for the next eleven years!?!


With the Schedule 4 Success, the child writes down all their responsibilities for each day (even the hoovering on the weekend) and ticks it once they have completed the task.  As a parent, all you have to do is walk over to the schedule (that you’ve stuck on the wall or fridge) and check to see if everything’s done.

Also, ideal for planning revision time when preparing for big tests.




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