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2020 Black-Facts Almanac

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The Pearls of History Calendars are the only product of its kind and the single most effective resource to teach and learn Black history.  For children of African or Caribbean descent, having knowledge of their cultural identity, history and heroes is absolutely essential if they are to grow into confident young adults with a strong sense of self-esteem.  Please note:  it is IMPOSSIBLE to have high self-esteem and low race-esteem at the same time.  Ask yourself the question, “How does my child learn about their history and the heroes from their community?”  If the only thing you can think of are random posts / messages that you receive on your phone that you TRY to share with your child, you need to be honest with yourself and say, “Nothing!”

The Pearls of History calendar does not just have information about African Americans (like so many products sold in the UK), It focuses on the accomplishments and events in the UK, Caribbean, Africa and the USA.  It contains a Black History fact for every single day of the year, so any child can find something else that happened on their birthday which is significant to their cultural identity.  The Pearls of History calendar also contains the Independence Days of every country in Africa and every island in the Caribbean.  Lastly, our calendars have been synonymous with stunning imagery for years, so even if you never looked at the wealth of information, the artwork would be striking enough to frame and turn heads in your own home.

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