Do You Want To Improve Your Child’s Academic Progress?

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K ~ webinar attendee​

Home-schooling Parent

Excellent session which was informative and actionable immediately. Thanks so much for putting this programme together it will help my family greatly.


5 out of 5

M ~ webinar attendee​


Absolutely recommend
1 hour well spent that could change your kid’s life!

5 out of 5

J ~ webinar attendee

Senior Teacher

As a Cambridge graduate and Senior Qualified Teacher with nearly 20 years experience teaching and leading in schools, it was a pleasure to hear such a constructive presentation


5 out of 5

From the author of the classic

"Gifted At Primary, Failing By Secondary"

With respect to your child’s academic ‘health’ Gifted At Primary, Failing By Secondary was the detox.  Sailing Through Secondary, Considering Uni is the 3-day spa residential with the chauffeur-driven limousine ride home!  We cover:

Do You Want To Improve Your Child’s Academic Progress?

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“I need you in my school!” 

~ C.Hamilton

Great webinar!     Great tips!

~ H. Renaud

This is awesome! Thank you so much!!!

~ B. Bakinson

This was brilliant. Thank you!!

~ R. Idowu

This was amazing.      I love that it is for us!

~ Samuelle

Great work!  One Love!

~M. Gousse

Thank you, an enlightening presentation into the workings of academies and how parents can support their children!

~ H. Barnett

Thank you so much Neil for this presentation, It’s also my Second time watching it!

~ Tamara

Neil God bless you and the work you are doing… I’m sharing this with all the Black families i know. My struggle raising a young Black man who wants to succeed has been a constant battle against prejudice and your presentation has empowered me to keep up the fight to ensure his achievement.

~ Mary

Neil – can I connect you to my school for Black history?  They do try, bless them!


Thank you for this session.  It was so amazing. I’d like the rest of the staff at my school to be on this!

~ Ms Sandy

Do You Want To Improve Your Child’s Academic Progress?