What Makes A Good CPD Event?

Well, before we answer this question, this is what we will do:

Provide form tutors, Year Heads and Pastoral Managers with a wealth of resources, individuals and organisations that can support their tutor time

Provide subject teachers of Music, History, English, Science, Drama, Sociology, Mathematics, Art and Religious Education with a wealth of resources that they can use in their classrooms immediately.

Provide SLT with strategies to raise the attainment of African & Caribbean children by engaging the school staff, the parents and the children

Connect every attendee with support networks that can help with a concerted effort to make a positive difference in the short, medium and long-term (join mailing lists).

Supply each attendee with a Powerpoint file to help each person to present a summary of our conclusions to their own senior teams, pastoral teams or faculties.

Give teachers a forum to support each other and be informed of new developments to support their growth, employability and CPD.

Show attendees the work being done to support the G&T students e.g. the STEM work of Imperial Hub.

So, what makes a good CPD event?

  • You get new useful information
  • You get access to new resources
  • You are given strategies to make positive changes for long term, medium term and immediate improvements
  • You get the power to implement changes at your earliest convenience.

This is the least of what you will receive on March 19th!

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