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Robin Walker

The Black History Man
Robin Walker is also known as The Black History Man the foremost historian and writer on all matters related to ancient and medieval African history.

Sis. Dr. Sandra Richards

SisDr Sandra Richards is an Author, Educator, Scholar-Activist, a Patron of The Government of Barbados ‘Mabalozi CPD Programme, Coach, Counsellor and Parent.  Her African-centred lens informed her book “The Way We See It.

Tony Warner

Black History Walks
Black History Walks offer guided Walking Tours London to include the African history of London. The walks take place in 10 different areas from February to November and last about two hours. Private walks available on request, at times to suit your  School. Discover 2000 years of London’s Black History! Featured in USA Today, the Sunday Express , the Londonist , TimeOut London, and Channel 4 news.

Professor Chris Imafidon

Excellence In Education

“The multi-award winning Advisor to Monarchs, Presidents, Governments and Corporate leaders”

~ BBC, Fox News, CNN

Dr Jak

Dr Jak Beula, Educ-artist, Activist, Author, Publisher, Inventor, Sculptural Designer, and CEO of Nubian Jak Group.

David Simon

Simon Education

Director of Simon Education. Get the books everyone is talking about. How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius and How to Unlock Your Family’s Genius, on sale at: www.simoneducation.com


This is a truly unique Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event for primary and secondary school teaching staff, Pastoral Managers and Senior leaders to look at practical strategies for raising the attainment of Black students.  The most unique aspect of this CPD event is that attendees will be able to implement and start measuring the impact of their changes the following day! Attendees will have access to numerous teaching resources, networks, individuals, organisations etc. to implement a richer, more effective curriculum. All attendees will receive a PowerPoint Presentation file that they can present to their teams to summarise the day so that the information is easier to disseminate and share.

What This Conference Will Do:


Provide form tutors, Year Heads and Pastoral Managers with a wealth of resources, individuals and organisations that can support their tutor time

Provide subject teachers of Music, History, English, Science, Drama, Sociology, Mathematics, Art and Religious Education with a wealth of resources that they can use in their classrooms immediately.

Provide SLT with strategies to raise the attainment of African & Caribbean children by engaging the school staff, the parents and the children

Connect every attendee with support networks that can help with a concerted effort to make a positive difference in the short, medium and long-term (join mailing lists).

Supply each attendee with a Powerpoint file to help each person to present a summary of our conclusions to their own senior teams, pastoral teams or faculties.

Give teachers a forum to support each other and be informed of new developments to support their growth, employability and CPD.

(Connect with London Black Teachers) Show attendees the work being done to support the G&T students e.g. the STEM work of Imperial Hub

In Your Last CPD Event On Raising Black Achievement, Did You…

Spend the majority of the time proving that Black students are underachieving? (We will be working on the premise that everyone is already aware of the problem)

Focus on the over-representation of black children being excluded from schools?

Focus on the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) to prison pipeline?

Bury guests in a mountain of statistics about the plight of African and Caribbean students?

Arrive at the conclusion that the best way to support children of African descent is to raise the quality of everything across the school?  The result of this choice is that the attainment of all students is raised.  Naturally, the biggest improvement will be seen in the lowest achieving groups, but this is not exactly an intervention is it?



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We thought this page was important because we do not claim to know the names of everyone in the UK who are delivering exceptional programmes in schools to raise the attainment of African & Caribbean students.  However, we would love to hear from you!

For more information about the Raising Black Achievement Spring Conference, click the “Read More” button which will take you to the Conferences Page on the Raising Black Achievement website.

If you would like to share some of the work you are doing with the school representatives that will be in our audience, please click the “Presenter” button.  This will take you to an online form where we will collect some information about your organisation, the work you do and where we can find more information.

A Teacher Is One Who Makes Themselves Progressively Unnecessary

~Thomas Carruthers

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