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The Importance of Cultural Esteem to Academic Success

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Well, not because every time you suggest that your child do something that you consider to be important, their response is, “That’s long!”  And not because we are pandering to the fairytale that nobody has an attention span anymore.

The fact is, trying to learn Black History is intimidating!  Whether you are a parent, teacher or just an interested party.  For a child however, their ability to engage with their culture and heritage in a positive way is absolutely critical to their academic success.  The easier it is to approach, the quicker you’ll start to see results!


  • Stunning Imagery
  • 365 Black History Facts  – one for every day of the year
  • Black History facts from around the world – not just focused on African-American History
  • The Independence days of Every African Country
  • The Independence Days of Every Island in the Caribbean
  • A descriptive ‘blurb’ about every featured individual/group

We'd like others to reap the rewards that we have enjoyed over the years.

Andrew & Princess

Like many of our customers, Andrew & Princess realised that whilst many birthday, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Eid presents or forgotten within weeks, the Black-Facts Almanac (formerly the ‘Pearls of History calendar) not only sustains its impact each and every month, but it helps the individuals and family grow together.

But then, if you were aware of a gift that could make a child a happier, more knowledgable and more resilient individual, why wouldn’t you buy it?

(What IS An 'Almanac' Anyway?)

"Almanac" definition

You may remember the word ‘almanac’ from the movie classic Back To The Future 2