ABOUT US Raising Black Achievement is now a'hub'
of education specialists, finance
specialists and resources to support the
African & Caribbean community.

Whether you need advice improving
your child's grades, preparing them for
university, preventing an exclusion,
nurturing their entrepreneurial side,
finding a Saturday School or teaching
the entire family Black History, we are
here for you. But there's more. 

We realise that it's hard to find the time
to focus on these things when bills and
job demands are the priority.  So, we are
now providing multiple levels of financial
support from  Improving financial literacy
to intergenerational wealth management.
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Our Origin Story

In 1971 Bernard Coard released the landmark book “How The West Indian Child Is Made Educationally Subnormal In The British School System.”  Almost 50 years on and educators still do not want to go anywhere near the subject of race when attempting to improve the attainment of African & Caribbean students.  Instead, ‘experts’ focus on the impact of improving attendance for ‘disadvantaged groups’, improving parental contact or raising the profile of the school’s ‘student voice’.

Raising Black Achievement is a collective of seasoned educational practitioners who are acutely aware of the effects of institutionalised racism in society as a whole and tailor their delivery to minimise it’s impact.

formidable agents of change in school settings.

Naturally, every practitioner is qualified and able to teach 1-2-1, to small groups or deliver presentations to entire year groups.  Our collective have impressive track records working with students of African descent and we are happy to provide support in either area.

Frustrated at the lack of Black student achievement outside of his classroom, Neil Mayers wrote the now classic book Gifted At Primary, Failing By Secondary to support African & Caribbean parents with their children in schools.  The book highlighted the need for a focus on Black students’ cultural esteem as a precursor for academic and personal growth in students of all abilities.

This led to the necessity for a wider range of educational resources to deliver the desired ‘growth’ in character and attainment.  Growth in the demand for relevant and effective interventions for Black students and their families has led to the establishment of a ‘hub’ of education professionals who deliver our unique brand of holistic support.

Because ‘better life choices’ are commonly taken with the ‘luxury’ of time and/or money, it was a natural progression to support African & Caribbean households with the financial education required to support their entire family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait. What Happened to Neil Mayers' Stuff?

The short answer is that our community needs more than just 'me' for support. So, it is now providing support with respect to our finances (from debt management to wealth management portfolios) and shines a much needed light on some of the best professionals working in our community as well. I will create a site later for those people that want to hear more about my story in more detail ~ Neil Mayers

Is 'Raising Black Achievement' a Team of People?

Yes it is. It used to be just Neil Mayers promoting his products and services, but it is growing rapidly.

Do You ONLY Work With Black People?

No, we just have a vast amount of experience working in the African & Caribbean community. We work with people from all backgrounds and this is usually the bulk of our work.

Do Education Hub Members Work With Individuals?

The creation of the hub was to allow large groups of people to benefit from our work. However, you are free to contact the Hub members individually and request bespoke services.

How Can We Get You Into Schools?

If you are a member of the school faculty, contact us directly or call us for a free consultation (020 3633 9713). If you are a parent, contact a friendly member of staff at your school to share our details as an individual. Alternatively, you can form a collective with other parents to request that we come in to do some work with your school.

Can Anybody Join The Education Hub?

The short answer is no. This is not just a 'directory' of professionals who have paid a membership fee to be listed on this site. We wanted to provide a 'Premier League' of the best professionals working in the community so that we can guarantee outstanding delivery and expertise. But, if you would like to join us or recommend an organisation, please send us an email to info@RaisingBlackAchievement.com