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Are you trying to say that you haven’t purchased your Pearls of History 2020 Black History Calendar yet?  Don’t you know this is the easiest way to learn Black History?  That means that it’s also the easiest way to permanently raise a Black child’s self-esteem!

The Pearls Of History Calendar

Origin Story

Miserable children!

That’s the bane of teachers everywhere – miserable children.   Do you know why they’re miserable?  It’s because they don’t appreciate what they already have.  But here’s the key – nobody can appreciate what they have if they are not told about a time before when they didn’t have!  That’s reason number one for learning your history – to help you appreciate life!

But that’s not even the biggest reason…

I saw a miserable student walking around the school with their back arched, their shoulders slumped and their eyes on the floor.  The last thing a good teacher does it make a a comment like, “Cheer up, it might never happen!”  Why, because it might just have happened!  An experienced teacher will go and check that student’s file and see if there is anything they should know about before putting their foot in it.

When you check a student’s file, it has all of their basic information on there – full name, address, parent contact details, date of birth…

I noticed that this student’s birthday was May 19th which I was very familiar with because it was also the birthday of one of my heroes – el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X!)  I didn’t know what this boy was like socially, so I pulled him aside in private to share the news and an amazing transformation took place right in front of me.

His eyes rose until they met mine.  His back straightened.  His shoulders went back and his jaw dropped.  I then topped it off with a finishing move by telling him that if he shared the same birthday, he must share some of the same character traits, and that was it!  He left with a grin on his face and went off to his lesson a more confident and proud young man.

II thought that was it, but it wasn’t.

By lunchtime, I found out that he had boasted about his newly acquired knowledge to at least 6 people because I had 6 students in my classroom asking, “What happened on my birthday?”  I was very honest in my reply which was, “How the hell should I know?  I haven’t memorised Wikipedia!”   And do you know what happened then?   An amazing transformation took place right in front of me.  Some of their eyes fell to the floor, back hunched, shoulders sagged forward and I felt completely responsible for letting them down.  So, I made a rash promise, “…but if you see me tomorrow, I’ll find out and tell you!”

I did.  But the students kept coming.  I realised that the only way I could be fair to everyone, would be to find out a Black History Fact for every single day of the year.  It took me a good few months of research and a year to collect something a student could be proud of no matter what the day, but here it is!

The easiest way to raise self esteem of a Black child and the easiest way to learn Black History bar none!

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