We Raise The Academic Attainment of African, Caribbean & Mixed Heritage Children

Supporting parents & carers, training teachers, advising senior leadership teams and inspiring students of all ages


Cultural Integrity

Any journey requires a minimum of two pieces of information - the destination and the starting point.  More time needs to be invested learning about who our children are now before we ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"


Agents For Change

It's good to talk, but without action, talk is cheap.  We pride ourselves on creating sustainable change in the lives of our young people, socially and academically.



Our presentations and programmes are not designed to make you feel good.  It's the impact of our work that will give you that feeling!

The Raising Black Achievement Team

The UK Leaders In Black Student Support

If there are practitioners supporting black students’ academic development
that were not taught or trained by a member of our team,
we would question their credentials!

What We Do

A small selection of some of the programmes & training delivered by our team

School Governor Training

  • Understanding Issues of Race in Education
  • Addressing Black Student Exclusions, Sanctions and Managed Moves
  • Black Staff Progression
  • Building Equality, Diversity & Inclusion into School Practice and Policies.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Training

  • Diversifying, Decolonising and Making the Curriculum Inclusive

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Strategy & Development

  • School Audits: Curriculum, Cultural, Staff, Student

  • Inclusive Black History within National Curriculum Guidelines

Staff Training: Primary & Secondary

  • Decolonising the Curriculum of Your Faculty
  • Black British History 1948 – 2016
  • Keeping Black Parents On-side and Working Together
  • Raising Black Pupil Attainment Across the School

Parent Support & Interventions

  • Improving the Parent-Child Relationship
  • How to Discipline Your Child
  • Managing the Primary to Secondary Transition
  • Supporting Your Child With Homework & Revision

Student Presentations: Curriculum

  • Black Scientists and Inventors
  • Black Women Resistance Fighters
  • Black British Civil Rights 1596-2006
  • The Black Contributions to WW1 and WW2

Student Presentations: Pastoral

  • The Black Image
  • Banged Up, Gone Straight
  • What Is Beauty?
  • Somalis: The Facts Behind the Headlines


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We Discuss

With over 20 years experience speaking to teachers, parents and students, we are highly informed

noun-create-3444094 (1)

We Create

Our grassroots connection to the communities we serve allow us to create unique and effective solutions

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We Produce

We can then sell our bespoke services and resources directly to our clients to fit their specific needs

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Rich Experience

Decades of experience supporting parents, educating children, training teaching staff and informing strategic school development.

Brilliant Team

The Raising Black Achievement Team is the 'premier league' of educators specialising in raising black pupil attainment.

Easy Communication

We take the work seriously, but not ourselves. We’re not prickly, precious or pretentious.

Cost Effective

We are big change-agents but not a big agency with bigger fees. Call us for a free consultation.


Whether our route is academic or pastoral, our effectiveness will be refected in our student's attainment.

High Standards

High standards go hand-in-hand with the high expectations every parent has for their children.

“Everything we say and do says something about our values, standards and our upbringing.”

Neil Mayers

Founder, Director

Raising Black Achievement: discover our story

We began with a desire to help one child.  We quickly realised that we had the knowledge and experience to help so many more.

As our capabilities and networks grew, we were introduced to a wealth of other education specialists with a similar experience – all eager to provide the support and guidance we felt was unnecessarily absent in the lives of African & Caribbean students in the UK.


Let's figure out how to improve your equality, diversity & inclusion!

There is no organisation nationwide who has a better record at improving the academic and social outcomes for African & Caribbean students.  This is what we do. Our success has been over decades rather than over the past months of a recent marketing campaign.  Let us help you on your journey.